Welcome Parents


Welcome to the new and improved Special Learning website. As a parent, you are faced with the overwhelming task of trying to make sense of all the different kinds of information available about autism and Applied Behavior Analysis. You probably do not know where to turn to find reliable information or where to start gathering this important information. At Special Learning, we have seen the struggle parents go through in trying to make a better life for their child.

Special Learning is a globally focused organization with world-class resources and experience you can trust to navigate these challenges. We are determined to help you make these dreams of a better life for your children a reality. It is our goal to make this process more manageable and help you to navigate the world of special needs. Whether you are just starting the process of seeking a diagnosis or have been managing your child’s needs for years, Special Learning has tools to help you find success for your child. You can choose from our vast library of training materials suited to fit all need levels, from parents looking to take a full ABA training course, to those seeking information on specific treatments, or access to social stories for your child. We are constantly looking for ways to meet those needs, so please contact us if you have requests for additional training areas or suggestions for ways to better meet your needs.