Welcome Occupational Therapists

occupational therapist

Welcome to the new and improved Special Learning website. As an Occupational Therapy professional you are likely faced with the challenge of trying to help your clients, while struggling to collaborate with the other professionals working with your clients. The first step in finding ways to help your client is gaining valuable information about your client’s specific needs. Our trainings can offer you insight into this special population and provide suggestions and tools to help them achieve their potential. One such training program focuses on issues such as sensory processing and how to manage this particular population of individuals. Another addresses using technology to improve client interaction. Whether you are just starting the process of gathering information about autism, or looking for more in-depth ABA training to allow you to be as effective as possible, Special Learning has a training program that can help. Learning the ABA terminology will allow you to be a more active participant in IEP meetings. The trainings we provide can help you to build your knowledge base. You will also become a valuable resource to parents seeking to navigate the challenging world of special needs education. We are constantly looking for ways to meet those needs, so please contact us if you have requests for additional training areas or suggestions for ways to better meet your needs.