Welcome Educators


Welcome to the new and improved Special Learning website. As an educator you are probably faced with the daunting task of trying to find the best resources to help all your students. When working with students with special needs, the challenge of finding resources is even more overwhelming. Whether you are seeking to learn more about the autism diagnosis or looking into ABA therapy, Special Learning has the training you need to feel confident when working with your students. We provide trainings ranging from a full ABA training course, to information on specific treatments, or access to social stories for your students. These trainings will help you to communicate better not only with your students, but also with BCBAs or specialists who may be working with them. Learning the ABA terminology will allow you to be a more active participant in IEP meetings, and the trainings we provide can help you to build your knowledge base. You will also become a valuable resource to parents seeking to navigate the challenging world of special needs education. We are constantly looking for ways to meet those needs, so please contact us if you have requests for additional training areas or suggestions for ways to better meet your needs.