Special Learning Credentialing Program


The Challenge

With the Special Learning ABA Practitioner credential, we are filling a significant gap in the global autism community. Currently, global standards that encompass all ABA practitioners do not exist. Although the Behavior Analyst Certification Board® (BACB) has established standards for Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs), due to the global shortage of experts capable of providing supervision and oversight of parent, educator, and professional ABA intervention implementers, it is very difficult for parents to identify qualified professionals. The consequence is that individuals without the necessary qualifications are representing themselves as ABA experts, to the detriment of the people to whom they provide service.

To combat this abuse by unqualified individuals and organizations who misrepresent themselves in order to acquire clients, the global autism community desperately needs worldwide standards for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) practitioners. Moreover, as ABA practitioners are in a position to impact the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum, standards and requirements must be stringent to the extent that they meet or exceed the requirements of the BACB, the global organization that governs the field of behavior analysis.

How Would a Special Learning Credentialing Program Help?

By incorporating strict quality control standards to ensure the credentialed ABA Practitioner actually possesses the minimum experience and knowledge commensurate with the level of the credential, (we can raise the standards of professionalism in the ABA field?). This credentialing hierarchy system will provide validation to clients or colleagues, and the confidence to clearly and easily understand the knowledge and skill level of an individual.

ABA advanced credentialed levels (Level II, Level III, Level IV and Level V) will enable individuals to be quickly recognized as expert practitioners, even if they are not Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBAs).

Who Could Benefit by Qualifying for a Special Learning Credential?

The Special Learning Credential is intended for all ABA practitioners, educators, and other professionals who provide ABA services. The ABA Practitioner credential provides an opportunity for individuals to become a recognized expert in the field of ABA without becoming a BCBA or RBT. Credentialing will also differentiate college students and other job seekers looking to either enter the field or advance in their careers.

As the ABAP standard is available globally, we can begin to fill the gap between millions of people requiring ABA intervention and those capable of delivering quality ABA intervention services.

Administration and Development

Special Learning’s ABA Practitioner credential applies rigorous standards to ensure that all credentialed individuals possess the knowledge and skills to properly implement ABA programs. Qualification requirements include demonstration of coursework/training hours, qualification interviews with a BCBA, additional training in Ethics, letters of recommendation, background checks, and successfully passing a comprehensive examination. These strict criteria help to ensure that we maintain the highest quality standards. Additional measures, including use of an outside proctoring service, allow us to maintain 100% compliance and minimize potential abuse by non-compliant individuals.

Special Learning’s ABA Practitioner (ABAP) Credential will become the global standard to define the competency of ABA practitioners. This will be the first international credential to exceed the qualifications established by the BACB. In order to maintain the integrity of our program, we will partner with recognized world-class industry experts in ABA to create the best credentialing system available.

Why Special Learning?

As with everything we do, Special Learning will deliver the most rigorous quality, focusing on measuring not only the knowledge but also the ability to properly implement ABA techniques and strategies. Meeting the critical international need to establish global standards to ensure the quality of service and consistent outcomes is our main objective and part of our mission.

Client Support

Credentialing candidates will be provided with free access to our Level 1 training ($199 value) to refresh or gain the knowledge required to pass the credentialing exam. Throughout the process, Special Learning’s BCBAs will be available to answer questions and provide support, to assure that every person credentialed possesses the requisite skills and knowledge to best represent the field of behavior analysis.

Pricing Methodology

We understand that significant disparities in income exist between developed and developing countries. With that in mind, Special Learning offers programs for those individuals and organizations who require financial support through our needs-based programs, and in some cases, scholarships.

Our goal is to provide every aspiring and practicing ABA practitioner the opportunity to clearly demonstrate their exceptional skills and knowledge to the world.

Timing for the Special Learning Credentialing Launch

June 2018